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Locksmith in St Augustine FL

If a problem arises, you don’t have to get dressed and waste gas money to come get your locksmith. At George Security Locks locksmith in St Augustine FL, we give you 24/7 service and attention. Our workers are always at your disposal. Call us and have that leak fixed! You don’t even have to get up from your couch. We will reach you at your home and ease your day by being the ideal locksmith near me. Experience has taught us professionalism is the key to success. Do not accept haphazard work, when you can get aid from the best at very low prices.

Need a master key system?

A master key system is a system that enables you to have security in as few keys as possible. Long gone are the days when you would walk around with a bunch of keys loudly clinking after you as if royally announcing your arrival. All you need is one key to access every single door. It simplifies your work and lets you keep track of who is where and who took what. This can be very helpful if you run large businesses that can be hectic due to the continuous back and forth. Have your master key made by George Security Locksmith Saint Augustine FL as soon as possible, to achieve that long awaited calmness in a profession like yours.

Why you need padlocks?

Padlocks are a step in securing your home, office or warehouse. For instance, when you have goods to store, a capable, strong, and hardened shackle padlock can be of use. Warehouses are mostly located in secluded areas and this is a factor that can make them a frequent target of troublemakers. You can prevent your property from subjected to vandalism, unauthorized entry and theft by purchasing your padlocks from George Security Locks in St Augustine FL. Key retention padlocks are a genius in the making. Without the key you can’t open the lock, nor can you take the key out of the padlock. Our products also have small built-in drainage holes to prevent accumulation of rain water.

Need radio-dispatched locks?

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. Really! Not on matters security. You always need to be on the safe side when it come to the security of your home, loved ones and business like. With George Security Locks in St Augustine and locksmith Palm Valley FL, you can have radio-dispatched locks installed such that when burglars attempt to break into your home or business premises, the police will be alerted on time. Whether you want to install these systems, repair damaged ones or even check if they are functioning as desired, we can help you out. Dial 904-685-4744 today to learn more about us or to book an appointment with one of our technicians.

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